15 Effective Hair Masks To Treat Hair Loss

15 Effective Hair Masks To Treat Hair Loss

Hair loss in women isn’t actually something that happens once in a blue moon. It can happen, and we are now able to detect various causes of these losses, such as genetic factors, stress, depression and it can even be a consequence of having birth. Women can fix this in all sorts of ways, such as surgical and non surgical treatments, but these all all expensive solutions, and so are creams and lotions which can fix the problem, but they are also not very cheap.

Natural hair masks, however, are cheaper and more accessible, and some of them you will find in your kitchen. These recipes also help straighten your hair, so if that’s your goal, stick with this article.

1. Milk and honey

Carefully dip your whole hair into it and when you are done wrap a towel around your head. Keep it for two hours and then wash your hair with a mild shampoo. This combination restores the freshness of your hair, keeps it silky and straight and prevents it from falling out.

2. Banana

Banana is great for preventing hair loss and for making your hair straighter. Take two bananas and mix them up with almond oil, olive or and yogurt.

3. Eggs

It’s so simple, and you probably already have them in your refrigerator. You can put some olive oil in the mix to gain that straight looking healthy shine.

4. Lemon juice and coconut milk

Squeeze the juice from lemon and mix it with coconut milk. The milk acts like a conditioner, straightening your hair naturally. Repeat this several times a week and you’ll notice a big change.

5. Celery

Again, squeeze the juice out of it and store in a bottle for a night. Apply it in the morning and you’ll have healthy and straight hair.

6. Strawberry mask

Strawberry helps your hair to become healthy and straight. Add coconut and honey to the mix.

7. Avocado mask

Multifunctional avocado also has a function of giving a healthy look to your hair. Add olive oil and keep it for two hours.

8. Yogurt mask

Add some honey and let it sit for an hour.

9. Potato

Squeeze the juice from peeled potato and mix it with aloe vera and honey.

10. Onion

Extract the juice from two onions and keep them for an hour.

11. Hibiscus

Add milk and olive oil with it and let it sit for two hours.

12. Egg yolk and coffee

Small cup and one egg yolk will do the trick. Keep it for a half an hour.

13. Mulled wine

Put one glass of mulled wine in your hair mixed up with 5 garlic cloves.

14. Rosemary

Use crushed rosemary with some water to apply it better.

15. Green tea

Mix green tea with an egg yolk and apply it with a brush.


Straight hair is now in trend, and healthy, thick hair is always fashionable. These masks will help you achieve this, so try some of these listed and be healthy and beautiful.

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