Refinishing your cabinets can be a cost-effective way to upgrade them. However, the process can also be a hassle. You need to prepare the cabinet surfaces and take out the hardware. In addition, you need to have the right equipment and paints to ensure the best results. The right finishes and products can help your cabinets last for years. Whether you decide to hire a contractor or do the work yourself, here are a few things to consider before you start.

The first thing you should do is get a professional to come assess your cabinets. They can provide an estimate of the cost of your project. This will depend on the type of cabinet you have and the amount of repairs that need to be done. Also, the size of your kitchen can have an effect on the overall price. If you have a lot of cabinets, you will probably pay more to get the job done than if you have a smaller kitchen.

Cabinet refinishing in Edmonton may seem like a lot of hassle, but it’s actually a quick, inexpensive renovation. Unless your cabinet doors are damaged, you can have them painted and be back to normal in a matter of days. To save time, you can choose to hire a company to do it for you. Many companies offer competitive rates.

When choosing a contractor, make sure you ask about their experience. Make sure they are a licensed and insured contractor. It is also important to ask if they have references from past customers. Ask questions about the quality of their finish and whether or not they use the most efficient application method for paint.

Before you begin the painting process, you’ll need to sand the surface of the cabinets and remove all the old paint. You can apply new paint or stain and use varnish or shellac to protect the wood. Varnish tends to last longer than paint, which will extend the life of the finish.

After the sanding, you’ll need to prime the area. Then, you can apply several coats of paint. Each coat must cover all the cabinet surfaces, including the edges. Keep in mind that you’ll want to sand between each coat. This Cabinet Refinishing Edmonton is especially true if you have an ornate design, as the edges can be quite detailed.

Once the job is completed, you can have your cabinets painted or stained in the color of your choice. Your new cabinets can make a huge difference in the look of your kitchen. Even if your cabinets are not in bad shape, you can have them repaired and refinished to add a fresh, modern feel to your home.

If you aren’t sure which option is right for your cabinet refacing or painting, you can always ask a painting specialist to give you a recommendation. They’ll be able to advise you on what types of paints are available and which one will be the best choice.