Commercial Refrigeration keeps food and drinks fresh in bars, restaurants, cafeterias, hotels and other public food service establishments. Often larger than residential refrigerators, commercial refrigeration has a variety of sizes and types to accommodate various storage needs. From small quick-access undercounter units to room sized walk-in freezers, there is a commercial refrigeration solution for every business.

Typically, the cooling process in commercial refrigerators is repetitive and relies on key components to work in perfect synchronization. If one of these vital systems begins to malfunction, it can significantly impact the cooling capacity and temperature of food items stored within the unit.

Thermadeg is an innovative technology that saves valuable employee  time spent on daily temperature checks for other tasks and helps prevent equipment downtime due to equipment failure or human error. It also reduces product loss from spoilage caused by refrigeration problems by detecting issues before they occur.

When the thermostat sensor detects too much heat in the refrigerator it shuts off the compressor and starts the cooling cycle again. This cycle is repeated over and over until the sensor detects that the fridge has reached the desired temperature.

In order to keep the system running, the thermostat needs to be correctly adjusted and regularly checked for any signs of malfunction. A faulty thermostat can lead to inefficient operation and even an eventual complete system breakdown. It is also important to regularly clean the refrigerator, especially moving parts such as fans, as they are more susceptible to damage.

Keeping track of temperatures is crucial to commercial refrigeration and requires a precise, accurate system. Thermadeg is an easy-to-use temperature monitoring solution that helps commercial refrigeration managers keep on top of their inventory, reduces downtime due to refrigeration failure and allows them to make smarter decisions when ordering supplies.

Refrigeration technicians are responsible for the installation, repair  and maintenance of refrigeration equipment in a wide range of industries such as hospitals, restaurants, grocery stores and food trucks. They must be knowledgeable of refrigeration principles, systems and components as well as HVACR electrical fundamentals.

Commercial Refrigeration is a rapidly growing field with a huge demand for skilled technicians. To be successful in the industry, it is important to understand your options for training and career advancement. An associate degree in Commercial Refrigeration can provide the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed. In addition to learning about the basics of refrigeration, students will gain hands-on experience through internships and work opportunities with local businesses. The program includes courses in refrigeration principles and practices, systems components, commercial refrigeration repair and troubleshooting as well as HVACR electrical fundamentals and electrical motors.