Located in the Trans Canada Mall near Save On Foods, East Calgary Registry serves the East Calgary community including Marlborough Park, Falconridge, Whitehorn and Coral Springs. East Calgary Registry offers full Motor Vehicle Registry services for vehicles including: vehicle registration sticker renewals, out of province and salvage inspection requests, licence plate cancellation and exchange, commercial vehicle registration and prorate registration.

Our REMINDER SERVICE lets Albertans sign up for driver’s licence, ID card and vehicle registration renewal reminders delivered by email or text message. We also offer immediate search results for Personal Property (Lien) and Corporate information.

We are a licensed Government of Alberta registry agent suited to complete all licensing services on your behalf. Our fees are based on the type of service provided and can be paid by cash, cheque, debit or A Plus Preferred Customer Account. We also provide Insurance Reduction Certificates that can save you money on your automobile and home insurance. Please call for more details. We serve clients from all over the world by providing phone and web appointment booking and online service.

In Northeast Calgary, vehicle registry services Country Hills Plates are readily available to assist residents with various vehicle-related administrative tasks. These services are typically provided by authorized agencies or registry offices situated within the Northeast area of the city.These registries offer a range of services related to vehicles, including vehicle registration, renewal of vehicle licenses, transfer of vehicle ownership, issuance of license plates, driver’s license services, and other related administrative functions.

Residents in Northeast Calgary can access these vehicle registry services to ensure their vehicles comply with legal requirements and maintain up-to-date registrations and licenses. These offices provide convenient locations for individuals to handle various vehicle-related paperwork and transactions without having to travel far from their local area.The goal of these Northeast Calgary vehicle registries is to offer accessible and efficient services to residents, streamlining administrative processes related to vehicles and licenses. They serve as convenient hubs for individuals to manage their vehicle-related documentation and requirements in compliance with regional regulations and standards.